UAE Nagarthar Kootamaipu , P.O.Box 27658 , Sharjah , U.A.E

Dear All

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Dear All
We Invite you all with your families to attend the
Pillayar Nonbu function.
Date & Time : Friday , 17 December 2004 At 05:00 P.M
Venue : Mr. Sethu Valliappan's Residence ( Telephone 06-5552694 )
Location : Opposite to City Centre Super Market (Not Carreffour ),
Abushagara , Binkhadim Super Market Building , 14th Floor ,
Flat Number : 1403 , Sharjah
Driving Direction : Please drive thru King Faisal Street, take a right turn next to Choithram
supermarket ( Please take service line near Jumbo Electronics in King Faisal Street to reach 
)After turning right you will see a small round about ( just behind the Choitram supermarket)
come straight until you get a another small round about in the 'used car market area',on the 
second small round about turn right after 200 meters you will see city centre super market in
the right hand side , Mr.Valliappan's Residence Building is in the left hand
side on the same road opposite to City Centre Super Market.
If any one needs transportation or location details please call us on 
the following numbers :
Sethu Valliappan    : 050-6283840 .or. 06-5552694  
N.Chockalingam      : 050-6852208 
Rama.Kannan         : 050-5518872 
Ramanathan. Ramesh  : 050-6767920
We look forward to see you all at 05:00 PM on 17 December at Mr.Valliappan Residence
Thanks & Regards
UAE Nagarathar Managing Committe
Some Details About Pillayar Nombu which we know :
Pillayar Nombu is celebrated to signify the destruction of Gajamuhasuran by Lord Ganesha.
Lord Ganesha defeated Gajamuhasuran on Markazhi Sashti day. The day falls on the 22nd day
after Thiru Karthigai . It is also the day on which Sashti thithi and Sathayam star come
together. There are 3 important Sashti days for Hindus. First is the Sashti in Ayppasi month,
which is Kanda Sashti to signify Soorasamhaaram. Second one is in Karthigai month to signify
the destruction of Sambaasuran by Lord Bhairavar. Third is the Markazhi Sashti celebrated as
Pillayar Nombu. The number 21 is very significant in celebrating Pillayar Nombu, because it
is 21 days after Thiru Karthigai. The wick used in the Ezhai has 21 threads. AvaaramPoo,
which is used in Pillayar Nombu, has 21 petals.  Nagarathars and Yazhpaanathaar in SriLanka 
celebrate Pillayar Nombu. Nagarthars were worshipping Lord Ganesha from their days in
Kaverippoompattinam. They celebrate Pilliayaar Nombu in a grand manner. All members of the
Nagarathar family get together on this day. The same way nagarthar staying worldwide meet at
a common place where ever they live and celebrate the Pillayar Nombu every year in a grand
manner.During the celebration, in the prayer hall, a lamp using pure ghee is lit, with all
kinds of palakaarams (eatables) offered to the Lord and 2 bouquets of Avaarampoo with rice
paddies on either side of the lamp. Also many different Poris are offered. Til, Rice, Corn,
Millet are some of them. The eldest member of the family or gathering usually lights the
ezhais and gives them to all present and is taken in the order of the age. In Tamilnadu,
Maavilakku is a way of worshipping gods. By lighting a lamp in the mix of rice flour and
jaggery(country sugar) it is believed to bring prosperity and good health to all family
members. Ezhai can be considered a miniature version of Maavilakku.